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Beware not to buy HP Prime, if you are engineer!
05-07-2018, 11:40 AM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2018 11:43 AM by dmmaster.)
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RE: Beware not to buy HP Prime, if you are engineer!
(05-07-2018 09:55 AM)Marco Polo Wrote:  
(05-07-2018 08:25 AM)grsbanks Wrote:  The 50g is already pretty close to that!
Agree, but:
- the 50g has keys assignment i don't like too much (i solved using it in USR mode with several keys redefined)
- the menu organization is much worse compared to 48 series
- i don't need CAS (the symbolic capabilities of the original 48 series are ok for me)
- a smaller footprint would be nice
- battery drain is too fast (solved with Eneloop batteries)

I think the DM42 hardware might be a good platform for running a modified version of EMU48 (it's under GPL....i know....i am confident that the license issues will be solved).
To avoid further licensing problems the DM48 might be delivered without the HP48 rom image, to be loaded by the final user (just like in EMU48).
The calculator might be shipped with two different interchangeable keyboard legends in order to be used for S and G series.

Dreaming is free :-)

One can run x48, it is GNU and fully opensource.

I agree with Marco Polo, everything !

There are many issues with the HP Prime. Indeed.

Look here a good example of classical issue from Students.
(see pics below)

Students having the NX Inspire CAS are usually much happier. Anyhow most students have the NX Nspire CAS.

[Image: 20180507_132254_resized.jpg]

[Image: 20180507_132322_resized.jpg]
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