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Test rpz 1 (trying to load a photo)
11-01-2020, 10:57 PM
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RE: Test rpz 1 (trying to load a photo)
Hello Dave,

Thought I deleted this test but glad I didn't.

I am using an iMac with Catalina and Safari. After going to Onedrive online:

right click, share, copy link, click on copy.

Here I am just pasting the link with right click, paste, or cmd-v on Mac.!Ag_uLaH6mJWRkn9WwTHb...h?e=ePOFbx

Here I am clicking the hyperlink icon and pasting into box, ok!Ag_uLaH6mJWRkn9WwTHb...h?e=ePOFbx

Last time I tried this I thought it was highlighted, not this time.

Here I am clicking insert image, paste link, ok.

[Image: s!Ag_uLaH6mJWRkn9WwTHbCXYuq0Sh?e=ePOFbx]

No highlighting, no picture.

This is the same image you were able to insert in your post.

I am missing something. Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Rick

On preview post, 2 links are highlighted. Where image should be just a box with question mark. Ughhhhhhh
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