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Squaring the Binomial
05-22-2021, 04:37 PM
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RE: Squaring the Binomial
(05-22-2021 03:54 PM)MullenJohn Wrote:  Help,

Using my HP Prime calculator I am try to square the binomial (12*c^4 + 0.25*a^6*c)^2.

I was expecting something like (a^2 + B^2 + c) but I am getting only a number like 2.9887...

Please tell me how to expand the binomial with just the literals.

Thanks - Cheers!

Your variables might have values assigned to them. Purging them will force Prime to use them symbolically. Try purge(c) or del(c), and then try your simplification again.

Suggestion: Any time CAS sees a decimal point, it flips from "Exact" mode into "Approximate" mode. To use CAS to its full potential, avoid including any decimal points in CAS. E.g. use 1/4 instead of 0.25.

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