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How to use graphic.draw_filled_polygon?
11-29-2021, 02:22 PM
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RE: How to use graphic.draw_filled_polygon?
(11-29-2021 10:04 AM)Guenter Schink Wrote:  
(11-29-2021 12:42 AM)StephenG1CMZ Wrote:  Just a thought, if it can't convert tuple to int, is it expecting #nnn for colour instead of (255 255 255)?

Yes, an integer is required, be it decimal or hex. A little "lambda" may be of help to create it rather than calculate it by hand. E.g:

RGB=lambda red, green, blue: (((red*256)+green)*256)+blue

gets you a grey triangle


I'm a Python beginner. Can you tell me why use lambda over the following? What's the advantage?

def RGB(red,green,blue):
  return (((red*256)+green)*256)+blue

Tom L
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