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Easy Sto 2 and Easy Subscripts
01-03-2022, 07:28 AM
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Easy Sto 2 and Easy Subscripts
New here, and this is my first post.

I'm getting familiar with my Prime, and I threw together a couple of programs to learn the system better.

They turned out well, so I thought I'd post them in case someone else finds them useful.

The first is an update to V Volkan's Easy Sto program from a few years ago. It didn't seem to match the look and feel of the Prime very well, so I changed it up a bit to get it to feel closer to stock. It still has the "EEX<>P" collision issue, but I threw in a few alternatives so user's don't have to remember much to use it.

I also updated the icon to match the built-in fonts, added pass-through support, added dynamic UI updates, and tuned the whole thing for lower latency. It's consistently under 15 ms on G2 hardware now. The new icons are shown below.


Second, I took the idea of Easy Sto and applied it to entering subscripts. I use subscripts a lot in what I do, so I set it up so that Alpha->Space enters subscript mode. In that mode, the number keys, +, -, and = enter the appropriate subscript symbol. It seemed pretty straightforward, so I threw in a second mode, accessed through Shift, that does the same thing for superscripts in case those are useful for documentation. I don't recommend them for variable names, though, as the result would be really confusing to read.


Anyways, the files are attached for anyone interested. There may be some bugs, but I think I worked most of them out. Let me know if you find any. Smile

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